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Housing in the Czech Republic

Information Brochure for Foreigners issued by the Ministry for Regional Development, 2009


Following text contains information about renting a flat. There is also a model Occupational Lease like a downloadable attachments.

Frequently asked questions

In the document you will find some of frequently asked questions and appropriate answers, concerned with living.

Purchase of a flat or a house

The following text contains information about possibilities of purchase of a flat or a house in the Czech Republic.

Registration for Energy Consumption and for other services in the flat

Prior to moving into a flat, it is necessary to arrange registration for energy consumption. The text of this document contains code of practise, how to arrange registration for services in the flat.

Subtenancy, Hostels and Non-residential Premises

In the attached document there are practical information concerned with living in subtenancy and hostels and information about problems implicit from living in places which are not intended for habitation.

Reporting the Place of Residence

The following document contains information on which form of accommodation is considered to be a secured accomodation according to the Act on Residency of Aliens No. 326/1999 of the Collection of Laws.

Living in the Czech Republic

In the following text there are general information about flat market and about forms of ownership of flats in the Czech Republic.

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