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Education and studying

Czech universities, colleges and specialized institutions are sought after for their attractive fields of study and high quality by students from all over the world. Compulsory education was introduced in Bohemia back in 1774 by the enlightened ruler Marie Therese. However, the history of Czech education reaches even further back in time. It was in 1348 that the oldest university in Central Europe - today´s - began teaching Czech scholars. links to this tradition and develops it terms of Europe of the 21st century.

Recognition of Equality and Nostrification of Certificates Issued by Schools Abroad

Certificate recognizing the equality of a foreign school credentials is issued by the department of education of the MHMP (Municipal Council of Prague) in cases, where the Czech Republic has international agreements regarding equality of educational documents with the country where the school is established and recognized. If a foreign school certificate does not clearly show the subjects studied, the applicant shall provide a document stating the content and scope of programmes he/she studied.

Tertiary Schools

The attached text contains information about possibilities of studying at higher educational establishment in the Czech Republic, information about admission process and other related information.

Higher Vocational Schools

Higher vocational schools prepare students for qualified practice of demanding specialist activities or provide additional education for the practice of specific demanding activities. The attached text contains detailed information on education provided at higher vocational schools.

Pre-school Education

Pre-school education facilities providing care of infants. The attached text contains basic information about day-care centres and kindergartens.

Secondary Schools

Document:"Secondary schools" contains information about conditions of studying at secondary schools in the Czech Republic, information about admission process and characteristics of particular types of secondary schools.

Primary Schools

Children of foreigners completing their compulsory education at primary or special schools acquire the education for free, as other Czech citizens. The attached text contains information on education provided at primary schools.

Education in the Czech Republic

According to the Bill of Rights and Freedoms every person has the right to education. The Education Act No.561/2004 newly includes provisions regulating the education of aliens. An obligation to prove lawfulness of one’s stay in the territory of the CR is a major novelty of the act. General conditions of schooling and education in the CR are outlined in the following text.

Czech language courses

Information about Czech language courses provided by NGOs, State language school, as well as commercial schools.

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