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Leaflet: What to do in case you lose job

An important information for the foreigners from the Center for Integration of Foreigners about the issue of job loss - requirements for registration at the employment office, possiblity for a job, unemployment insurance, work permits etc.

Leaflet: Termination of the emplyment and what to watch out for

An important information and advices for foreigners,what to watch out for from the Center for Integration of Foreigners in the case of termination of the employment.

Job Centres, Unemployment Relief, Re-Training

The following text contains information on Labour Offices and on benefits allocated to job seekers.

Czech Labour Code

Fulltext of Czech Labour Code you can find on the website of the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Information about job offers on Czech websites

Information about job offers on Czech websites

Foreign Employment Matters - Ministry of Labor integrated website

On this site, you can find: Legal Regulations Legal regulations concerning the employment of foreigners Terms and definitions Entry of foreigners to the labour market Steps to be taken by the employer Steps to be taken by a foreigner Special cases Sending a foreigner to the Czech Republic International treaties and agreements Business trips Extending a work permit Validity of a work permit Misdemeanours and administrative offence Employment of EU citizens Employment of EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and their family embers Legal Status, Entering the Labour Market Obligations of the Employer Green Cards Vacancies search Frequently asked questions Application form Database of vacancies in the Czech Republic for all foreigners and participants of the “Selection of Qualified Foreign Workers” pilot project. Vacancies search, Sign Up as a Job-Seeker Registry of foreigners and EU Registry of foreigners, citizens of the EU/EEA and Switzerland and their family members Forms to download

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Migrace online

Sdružení pro integraci a migraci

Poradna pro integraci

Centrum pro integraci cizinců

Cizinci v České republice - webová stránka státní správy

Sdružení občanů zabývajících se emigranty

Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům

Centers for integration of foreigners

Integration Center Prague

META o. s. - Sdružení pro příležitosti mladých migrantů