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Health and Healthcare

Leaflet: Are you a woman foreigner who has just gave a birth to a child?

Important information from the Center for Integration of Foreigners on health insurance matters related to women foreigners and their children.

Leaflet: Health insurance for foreigners with stay more than 3 months

Information leaflet Health insurance for foreigners with stay more than 3 months was designed by NGO CIC - Center for Integration of foreigners.

PVZP - medical insurance for foreigners

Foreigners´Basic Medical Insurance and Foreigners´Medical Insurance

The Extent of Health Insurance Cover

In the text of document there is compendium of concrete medical acts and health care, which are covered from both public health insurance and contractual health insurance.

Health Insurance for Children of Foreign Nationals Born in the Territory of the CR

Following text contains information about health insurance for children of foreign nationals born in the territory of the CR, information about the extent of health insurance covered from the health insurance, when the parents have different legal statuses.

System of public health insurance

Extent of medical care covered by health insurance companies

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