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Information about legislative changes

January 2, 2011 | views: 6396

Changes in conditions for the entry and stay on the territory of the Czech Republic from January 2011.


Information about changes in conditions for the entry and stay on the territory of the Czech Republic are accesible at the Ministry of Interior website. We will bring you more detail information here ASAP. 
Basic information are available also at
What will the new amendment to the Alien Act bring starting 1.1.2011:
The Foreigners’ Police will no longer deal with long-term visas and residency permits. The Interior Ministry’s Department for Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP) will take over this agenda on 1 Jan 2011.
If you filed a request with the Foreigners’ Police before 31 Dec 2010 and do not receive a response before that date, your request (visa, residency permit, etc.) will be issued by OAMP after 1 Jan 2011.
Tomáš Haišman, the director of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP) stated in a radio interview on 26 Oct 2010 that a telephone and internet appointment scheduling system will provided by OAMP. We therefore recommend that you submit you application for a permit or other requests via registered post along with a written request for OAMP to issue you with an appointment date and time for appearing in person.
Stricter conditions for foreigners with a residency permit for the purpose of entrepreneurship:
·Entrepreneurs/businessmen will have to prove a specified monthly income by showing documents such as tax forms, invoices, etc.
·The police will have the right to investigate if a person with such a residency permit is actually an entrepreneur or runs a business.
New rules about commercial health insurance:
·Insurance coverage limit will have to be 60 000 EUR; Foreigners’ police may require this during checks starting in January 2011.
·New insurance contracts will have to include so-called “complex care”.
A new Blue card scheme will be introduced for foreigners with at least 3 years of university education or advanced vocational training, who received a work contract with a salary of at least 1.5 times of the Czech average.
It will be possible to change the purpose of stay to enterprise only after 2 years of residency in the country.
Foreigners who receive an order of deportation and leave the country in due time, will have on opportunity to apply and receive a pardon right away (and not after half of the time period of the ban).
Foreigners will no longer be able to provide cash as evidence of required financial means.
It will be possible to hold a foreigner in a detention camp for up to 18 months.
What will the amendment bring after 1 May 2011:
Foreigners with long-term and permanent residency permits will now receive separate booklet permits, instead of passport stickers. Permits will contain digital biometric information, incl. fingerprints and photograph.
·All currently valid permits will remain so until their date of expiry.
·EU citizens and their family members will still receive residency permits without biometric information.
·There will be higher fees for biometric permits: 2,500 Kč for adults, 1,000 Kč for children under 15; in case of loss, new permits will cost 4,000 Kč or 2,500 Kč.
·The biometric permits will also contain address information. If the holder changes his/her permanent address, OAMP will most likely issue a new permit. In this case, a fee will probably not be incurred.
·OAMP will require new biometric information when issuing every new permit, including a renewed residency permit.
A foreigner will be able to use EITHER a passport or a separate residency permit for identification purposes (has to be carried with you at all times).
While residency permit renewals are processed, temporary visas will probably no longer be issued. In such a case, you should request a document confirming the ongoing proceedings from the ministry.



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