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January 1, 2017

Website temporarily not updated. Information about stay and integration in the Czech Republic you can visit the Immigration Portal of the Czech Republic or websites of non-governemntal organizations - see Address Book.

Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) helps migrants with legal and social councelling

August 7, 2016

Association for migration and integration defends rights of foreigners in Czech Republic

April 4, 2015

Consulations and assistance for foreigners

January 1, 2014

IOM Prague provides under a project implemented jointly with the Ukrainian Initiative in the CR consultancy and assistance services for foreigners.

Immigration portal of the Ministry of the Interior

February 24, 2014

Immigration portal of the Ministry of the Interior has its section in English language, where you can find basic legislation changes and information. Also, on this website there are regularly updated approved applications for temporary, long-term and permanent residency including their extensions listed by receipt number (č.j.). See to see available and valid information in English language.

New Law on Czech Citizenship from 1 January 2014

February 24, 2014

Czech citizenship is – as perceived by the law – the highest attainable level of a foreigner’s integration in the Czech society. From 1st January 2014 there is in force a new law on state citizenship of the Czech Republic (186/2013 Sb.). In some aspects, the new law is more friendly to immigrants. For instance, there is a possibility to get the citizenship after 10 years of the residence despite of the fact that the person does not yet have the permanent residence for 5 years. Also, the propriety issues are only reviewed for past 3 years, not longer. On the other hand, the new law brings about more difficult proof of Czech language knowledge, more difficult proof of indemnity and others. The new is possibility to have two citizenships, thus there is no need to give up the previous citizenship in order to get the new one.

Support programme for after-school activities for children of migrants living in the Czech Republic

February 21, 2014

The InBáze Community Centre works long-term with migrant families in trying to integrate their children into local after-school clubs and activities. To give your children the opportunity to spend safe and enjoyable time after school we offer support in the following areas: • We help you identify and choose a suitable activity for each individual child or young adult (arts and crafts, music, dance, sport, computers and lots more). • We help you to contact the person in charge of each particular group and accompany you to a meeting with them, if required. • We can also help in financing the activity or buying the necessary equipment (whether it be art materials, a musical instrument or sports equipment).

Information guide PRAGUE – Metropolis for all

April 29, 2013

The Integration Centre of Prague (ICP) has published an Information guide PRAGUE – metropolis for all, which is mainly designed for immigrants living in Prague, but also for employees of regional administrations, regional governments and non-profit organisations working with immigrants. The brochure is designed as a directory of basic information and contacts at individual organisations, associations, offices and their departments in order to secure the best possible awareness of immigrants and support them when solving everyday problems connected to life in the Czech Republic. The Integration Centre of Prague works under the motto ‘Metropolis for all’ , which refers to one of our major goals – to create conditions in Prague whereby immigrants living here will feel like real citizens of our metropolis and be exited to take part in its social life.

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